A Knight is a man of prayer

The Rosary is not just a series of beads; it is the heartbeat of our faith as Knights. It's our anchor in the spiritual storm and our battle plan in the war against darkness. It connects us with the Divine through the life of Christ and the intercession of our Blessed Mother.

As Knights, when we enter the Order and before we take up the sword, we receive first and foremost, the Rosary. For it reminds us that our true power lies not in steel, but in faith, in prayer, in the divine mysteries. It's our spiritual compass, guiding us through the journey of Christ's joys, sorrows, and glories.

Through the Rosary, we absorb the lessons of humility, endurance, joy, and hope. It prepares us to wield the sword not for personal gain, but in the defense of our faith, our families, and those in need. 

As Knights, the Rosary is our constant companion, our source of strength, and our most formidable weapon. It steels our resolve, fires our courage, and illuminates our path. It's in the whispered prayers of the Rosary that we truly find ourselves armed and ready to meet the challenges of our mission as Catholic gentlemen. So, we take up the Rosary, and in its sacred rhythm, we find the heartbeat of our knighthood.

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